Painter’s Table: a great website for contemporary painting

Contemporary Art Daily: this site shows the work of various artists

New American Paintings: the site provides images of current painters as well as painting competitions

The Art Story: a great source for basic information on modern artists


Fellow Artist-Educators

Bailey Dowlin

Julie Drout

Sarah Fenton

Chloe Hess

Brian Lewis

Mya McMillan

Liz Miller

Amy Minham

Lizz Rodak

Ross Tinney

Caroline Turner

Morgan Willenbrink

Mary Wischmeyer


Contemporary Artists

Haim Steinbach: Institutional critique through sculpture

Adrian Ghenie: Exploration of the spaces of memory through painting, collage, and installation

Anoka Faruqee: Questioning how we optically perceive through Op Art-esque painting

Stuart Shils: Creating emotions and moods through color and palette knife painting

Charline Von Heyl:  Using paint to explore abstraction and art history

Nicole Eisenman: Exploration of identity and self expression through figurative painting


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