Some charcoal and graphite drawings that I did during my life drawing class sophomore year. I worked on drawing fabrics and portraits as well as creating relationships and stories between subjects. I may make some paintings based on these drawings.


Musical Musings

Musical Musings

This is a large (4′ x 3′), mixed media, abstract painting that I completed in my painting class last semester. The different media in the painting includes oil paint, acrylic paint, and spray paint, along with three painted vinyl records and painted tape.

The piece started with the three painted records, which I painted mostly with acrylic paint. I knew how I wanted the records situated on the canvass, and I new I wanted to connect them with lines to represent musical connectivity. The vague meaning, if there is any, of the piece is how all music is connected, by both the creator and the viewer despite different times and devices.

Since most of my work is process based, the piece developed while I was working on it. The final steps included adding layers of oil paint to add more depth to the paintings.